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December 28, 2014
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February 16, 2015
Social Media Marketing

What Do You Start?

When “social media’ and marketing come together,
it’s magical and seems effortless.Girl Listening to music
It can remind you of a good ad campaign or a hit single –
there’s no explanation – it just stays with you.  When you hear or see it – it’s the perfect harmony between effective, catchy, appealing and momentous.
You know it – feel it and want more of it.
Does your social media campaigns have that type of feel?  I know that might make you cringe, but social media is just one more way to market you and your brand.  If your social media isn’t bringing potential and existing customers closer to your brand.. why not?
To be effective, catchy, edgy creative and strike a chord with your friends, and customers, a lot of time and energy needs to be included in your strategy.  Post will a purpose.
Time, effort and patience.  It will pay off.
Social Media Marketing

What Do You Start?

A plan is important and cannot to be overstated.

Creating a plan can be difficult … and fun.
Ask yourself a few questions, such as…
  • Am I solving a problem?
  • Am I being helpful? 
    • If yes, how am I being helpful? 
  • What is my strategy in attracting new followers and fans?
  • Who is my audience and how do I reach them?  
Even though these basic questions, they do take some time to answer if you’re choosing to attract a loyal following. To attract and keep customers is to give them reasons to visit, stay and return.
Offer advice and help & they’ll stick around if you do.
It’s not unlike going into a store –  don’t you return when you know the staff is helpful, friendly and approachable?
Of course you do.
Treat your social media plan like you are communicating with each and every person as they walk in your door.  Be you!
There are so many experts and journals in the field of social media marketing.
Here’s a List of 5 ways to be interested and helpful to serve your audience to increase engagement
  • How Did You Like Your Experience?
  • How Can I Help You?
  • Have you tried our new flavor?
  • What Do You Think of our Service?
  • What’s Your Favorite flavor / style / color?
It’s shows interest in your audience, and they’ll show interest in you.  Be useful and patient.
It will pay off

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