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Does Consumer Generated Content work?
November 23, 2014
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SCORE Brand Story
December 13, 2014
Broward SCORE logo & Measurement plan text

Without a plan to measure your company’s marketing success along the way, there is no proof whether it’s working or broken.  Here is a link to a plan created for Broward Score to increase workshop participation, mentoring with goals and measurement tools in place.

Broward SCORE logo  & Measurement plan text


Marketing Success Explanation

Business goals are to increase SCORE’s brand awareness by increasing their social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Specifically, grow social engagement by 25-50%, respectively, on each platform in one year’s time. This will be established by inviting business leaders, writers, bloggers and companies in the South Florida region to be made aware of the program and share in the growth and success of Broward SCORE. They will be invited to write, post, comment and share business ideas, do’s and don’ts, tips and overall experiences about SCORE.

How SCORE mentors and workshops are open to all persons who want to start, grow and succeed in today’s business marketplace.


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