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Does Consumer Generated Content work?
November 23, 2014
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SCORE Brand Story
December 13, 2014

Tasks to attract an Audience

During the study of Internet marketing, one of the many projects assigned was to perform a Google search of yourself and create a presentation with the results. Take a good look and see what is positive, negative and what your goals will be to improve your online reputation.  This is a revealing assignment as you don’t know what you’ll find.  It can make any person wince to see what results will show up.

Here is a link to mine .. Personal Brand Audit

Fortunately for me, the results were positive.  The biggest take away for this assignment was to increase my social media and Klout score.  For those of you who do not know what a Klout score is, it’s pretty much what you’d imagine.   How YOU rank in terms of your online influence.  For instance, Barak Obama has a 98% Klout score.  To grade yourself is no different than a educational grading system.  90-100; Superior; 80-90 Excellent and so on.

This is also a revealing factor as at the time of the audit, I didn’t have all my social media sites connected so it ranked me very low – in the 20’s.  Ouch.
Since then, I am happy to report I hover around a score of 60.  There’s much more work to do.

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